Since the dawn of time erotic drive has been playing an important and a fundamental roll in the artistic inspiration, creation and aesthetic awareness of humanity. 

There is no place inhabited by humans that erotic art did not flourish, from Japan, China, and India to Africa, Americas, Europe and elsewhere. It is in this context that my art takes place inspired and influenced by the erotic art of the ancient Hellenic culture. The subject matter of my erotic art derives from the mythological tales, erotic pottery work and sculptures of the classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods.

In my art, I cover the erotic spectrum from the innocent and platonic to the bizarre and eccentric. The final result has a dynamic and expressive quality that in many instances could provoke but nevertheless attract the viewer with detailed dynamic lines and expressive workmanship. With this erotic line that I call  “ARHAION EROS-ANCIENCE EROS” I intend to show classical work from a fresh and exiting perspective. Once a professor of mine told me when I was flirting with the idea of this erotic project that, “People always want to encounter erotic art and they are looking for excuses to do so.

Presenting this kind of art under the auspices of the Hellenic precedent you are giving them the excuse to stand in front of the work able to admire and indulge without guilt.”